Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Down Under

Here I decided to do a little under the sea theme. After this scan I colored it.
(see below)

Feathered Heart

Daisy, Daisy

This is a fairly early one.

Colored Feathers

Herre I added a rainbow of color with LaPlume Markers.

Lace Pillow

Here's a pillow I did with my own pattern called "Torzon" around the edges. I also used my "Plumes" in the middle upper right corner.

Here is a inverted image of the same.  I love seeing the white lines on black. Later I learned to actually draw white on black paper.

Circle Cosmos

Balls Up

My Zen Journey Begins

This is not my first project but I did make this box early on as I began to expand my abilities to do Zentangeling (back in Spring of 2010). I made this box to put my cards in.

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